Book Reviews: Personalities of the Zodiac

A Cartoon Chronicle on How Your Birthday Affects Your Character

reviews, Personalities of the Zodiac

Book Reviews from leading astrology magazines:

“Both beginners and professionals are sure to enjoy this fresh, entertaining, playfully yet informative look at personalities around the zodiac wheel”.
Ronnie Grishman, Editor-In-Chief, DELL HOROSCOPE

“This is a ‘fun’ kind of an astrology book….  Bill’s choice of the folks he uses to illustrate the zodiac when it comes to human behavior and appearance is both enlightening and humorous.”
Joan McEvers, ASPECTS Magazine

“Caricatures of facial expressions and body language– together with word sketches– capture the essence of each of the twelve signs.  The astrology is fresh: Cardinal signs “stretch,” fixed signs “squeeze,” and mutables “twist and turn,” for example, but you really have to see the pictures.”

“This one would make a cute birthday gift and is especially suitable for youngsters”.
Chris Lorenz, Product and Book Reviewer, DELL HOROSCOPE MAGAZINE

Book Reviews of Personalities of the Zodiac from other astrologers:

“I laughed heartily at William Schreib’s unique, creative slant on the traits and foibles of the twelve signs.  This cartoon-filled booklet would be a great introduction for any astrological ‘newbie’, but especially for the young– or the young-at-heart.”
DONNA CUNNINGHAM, author of twelve astrology books

BOOK OVERVIEW~ by the Author:
This 60 page (5.5 inch X 8.5 inch) book begins with a simple interpretation of the operating forces of Nature, as it introduces all to the language of astrology– be they youngsters or those who know little about this ancient science.

You’ll see the cycling of the three modes (cardinal, fixed and mutable) and how they interact with the four elements to create the 12 step process in a year.  Each month (i.e., each zodiac sign) brings its own circumstances and creative urges– and this mix of seasonal forces results in the mannerisms, quirks and physical traits that shape an individual’s character and personality.

The chronological process of the turning of the seasons is fully illustrated in the 4 pages of “cartoon panels” on each of the signs! Each cartoon segment concludes with a full-page photo collage of ten celebrity faces.  These features on these faces can be compared to the preceding caricatures and illustrations. You may then be able to show to your friends– that

(Note: Due to high out-of-country postage, Book can only be sold in USA)
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